While searching through companies that offer cleaning services. Than you may find that they don’t exactly fit your needs. Also the price they give you is out of your budget. Still, they offer security and reliability, which you may not always find when hiring an independent cleaner.

The choice of who to hire for your cleaning services needs shouldn’t be taken lightly. You are allowing a stranger into your home. Also should not only think about hiring someone quick and efficient. Hire someone who can be reliable with your valuable and deliver a professional service. MAINTENANCE COMPANY is a midway of hiring independent cleaners. For services namely, sofa cleaning service, carpet cleaning service, water tank cleaning services, and chair cleaning services. We are adding more services ..stay tuned. We have also set some general specific practices in place so that you only get reliable and trustworthy cleaners.

All cleaners at MAINTENANCE undergo a background check and maintain their repute. We also have a satisfaction guarantee so you know how devoted we are to the job.



Is frequent cough, cold, and sneezing troubling you? Did you ever think that maybe you are exposed to dust, dirt, or allergens. That might be hiding in your lounge sofas? If not cleaned consistently, your sofas can become home to a number of pollutants. Thereby causing a range of health problems from common allergies to fatal infections.
Proper cleaning of your sofas can make your padded and fabric items look clean. Also eliminate bacteria and other contaminants that may lead to serious health problems.
And also, it will be a pleasing sight to the eyes and to your lounge!
By using the best products and techniques our experts can get your carpets and upholstery perfectly neat, clean, and tidy. Let us tell you, we specialize in offering premium-quality upholstery and sofa cleaning services. So you really do not need to worry once you hire us!


Clean Water means Healthy Life!
Unclean water tanks having impurified water can lead to disease outbreaks such as dysentery, cholera, and gastroenteritis!
You might use filtered water for cooking and drinking. But you do not use it to brush your teeth or bathe your children. Therefore, the water that we use in our homes must be bacteria-free.
We are offering modern and efficient Water Tank Cleaning methods. It will make the water safe for use for you and your family. We will get your water tank cleaned by qualified professionals&give you high-end water tank cleaning services!
If you need one of the best underground, Overhead, RCC & Plastic, or any kinds of water tank cleaning services. So get in touch with us right away!


Sit Back and Relax! Let Us Clean your Chairs For You!
Maintenance and cleaning of leather&padded chairs is not an easy task. As merely wiping with a wet cloth is not going to help to eliminate the bacteria. Also allergens, perspiration, and pollutants off the surfaces. These chairs need to get cleaned by taking the help of professional chair cleaning services to maintain hygiene.
By outsourcing this task to us. You can ensure that your chairs are properly cleaned and do not bear any kind of odor. Since you have assigned the task to our professionally trained cleaners! You can be certain that no tools or chemicals will harm your chair.
Hire the services of MAINTENANCE and leave the worry to us!

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