Our “Home Appliances Best Repair Service team In UAE”, is very dedicated, to providing the most effective. Also the most affordable services at the doorstep. We aim to supply solutions to our clients for long-term relationships. When an appliance stops functioning. Then you’ll be totally out of clue on what should be done – Certainly, you do not understand how it works. So you’ve got no clue why it stopped working of a sudden. Now you do not know the way to repair it.

We will tell you what you’ll do! you’ll be able to hire a Home Appliances Best Repair Service and Installation service that’s visiting save the day for you! Our expert technicians will pull your faulty appliances apart. You need to put them back together in working order before you even understand it. So hey! before you attack the refrigerator with a screwdriver. Let’s walk you through the main appliances repair solution that we offer through our expert technicians. We are the team of the most effective IT Technicians, Home Technicians, and Plumbers. Our team members are qualified, professional and technical. We are here to supply you best solution at your step. Our services range from all of your home/ office appliances and equipment commonly. As AC, Fridge, Dispensers, Fans, Heater, Iron, TV, Stabilizers, UPS, Computer/ Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Electric and Network Installation Wiring, etc…


We pledge that no one in the market can match the professionalism of plumbers we connect you to. We verify our plumbers during the registration process. To ensure the safety of your family. Also the sanctity of your home. Yes, you have our complete support as far as the guarantee of the service is concerned. Our responsive customer service representatives will stay by your side. Until you are satisfied in case of any mishap.


You probably can’t spend per week without doing all your laundry, the piles of laundry sitting there. Also waiting to be washed isn’t a lovely sight even for non-OCD people!
It’s hard to measure without these housekeeping helpers we rely on from dawn to dusk. And what a disaster it’s to work out them broken down!
Not every problem should be handled by an amateur. Whether you’re in search of washer maintenance, washer repair, or washer repair near me, we are here to assist.

We’re the correct pick for quick local repair and maintenance of front-loading, top-load, automatic and portable washing machines. If your washer is leaking, your washer won’t start, or strange noises are starting up in your washer. Then call us for the most effective washer technicians. Within the business who has the talents to induce your dryer up and running again.


If you notice your dishes are consistently cloudy or still dirty after a cycle. Then you may need a dishwasher repair service. Call us so we can help avert ineffective wash cycles and irritating leaks!
If it’s the water that won’t drain out of your dishwasher or your dishes aren’t getting clean enough. Then you can get in touch with us. So we can find you the best dishwasher service technicians in the business


Why AC stops or works improperly;

Regardless of whether it’s home or office, Air conditioner units are an indispensable piece of our day-by-day life. Having an air conditioner requires regular maintenance. So it function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service.
Particularly even before the late spring season begins, AC units should be overhauled to ensure they are working properly. If not, the efficiency of your air conditioner decreases.Then your can AC quits performing appropriately, hence delivering less cooling and paying greater power.

What you need to do?

Therefore, it’s significant that you choose the right AC maintenance Service.
For your AC to keep functioning properly, you have to do ordinary running tasks on your AC. To appreciate more effective without the need to replace it with a new one. If you choose to do your AC repairing yourself make sure that you shut down the unit before doing anything to your AC machine.
If fixes or administrations are done on your own, know that you may wind up making more harm to the unit. One wrong move and the unit might undergo new issues.


There are numerous cases where you require professional and experienced AC Technicians to do the job for you.
Searching for those experts is a difficult task itself. That’s where our MAINTENANCE Company jumps in, offering the best AC services. Helping you find the best AC Technicians to do your job.
We do all kinds of AC Repair Services, AC Technician Services, AC Installation, AC Maintenance, AC Gas Refilling, AC Advanced Piping Services, AC Mounting, and Dismounting & all types of Air Conditioner Service & Split AC Repair service.


Are you looking for a professional to install or repair your geyser before the arrival of winter? If yes, you are in luck! Home Appliance company’s online platform is designed to connect customers like you to the best professionals.
With us, you can book geyser installation services at your home anytime. We have expert and skilled plumbers who can repair your year’s old geyser with a 100% guarantee. Owing to their vast experience, our professionals can repair and install all models and brands of geysers.
No matter what is the brand or model of your geyser. Our expert plumber will get the fixing and installation done expertly. With us, you can be 100% confident of the skillfulness of the plumber as we take guarantee of his work. If anything goes wrong, it’s fixed within seven working days.


Our home maintenance company is well aware that electrical chores can easily pile up on your to-do list, hence we bring to you the best electrician services in the city! From changing or installing a light bulb, LED TV mounting, water pump repairing to even water tank automatic switch installation, our experts can do it all.

Contact us:

If you need electrician services but feel like searching for “electrician home services near me” is a bit overkill, you can always rely on our Home Maintenance. We provide you with the best solution and a range of electric maintenance and repair solutions.
Our professionals come with years of experience to provide you with the best electrician services. With our Maintenance , you would not have to search for any other electrician services online, as 100% customer satisfaction is our priority. Moreover, we make the entire process as seamless as possible, leaving a big smile on the face of our customers.
Whether you want to install a ceiling fan, repair damaged light switches, or restore your light fixtures to glowing beauty, we are there for every job.


Having a UPS is certainly a necessity in our country and we don’t want you to suffer during load shedding. Our professional UPS installation and repair services provide you with ease and a seamless experience.
You can rely on our maintenance company who will be at your doorstep in no time and will install or repair your UPS to make it up and running.
Installing a UPS can go wrong in so many ways, hence you should always trust a professional who has extensive experience to provide you with a stress-free UPS installation job.

LED TV / LCD Mounting Services:

Home Maintenance Company has long years of experience in installing or mounting LED TVs at home. We guarantee you a clean installation with the highest quality of materials. Our expert technicians work hard at their job and they care about making our customers happy, hence your satisfaction is a top priority for us.

Reliability guarantee and good prices;

Home Maintenance Company comes with a guarantee to handle your TV safely and installed properly so you can enjoy all your favorite content on it. If you want the best-LED TV/LCD Mounting Services in town then you should give us a call. You will not only benefit from our amazing services but also our amazing prices too.

Water Pump Repairing Services:

Maintenance Company offers you efficient water pump repairing services that not only save a lot of your time of the day, but you get to experience some amazing rates too. Our amazing services have earned some great reviews and you will be giving us a great review too.
So, if you are looking for an electrician who knows what he is doing while repairing your water pump, you should not hesitate to give us a call for a quick job.

Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair:

Not only do the fans add a beautiful aesthetic touch to your rooms but provide air circulation which is very important on scorching hot days of summer.
Home Maintenance Company provides you with the fastest and most efficient ceiling fan installation service so that your fan is running in just no time. Our experts take extra precautionary measures to ensure that the ceiling fan is installed properly for the optimal environment.
Furthermore, installing fans on your own can be a very risky business, hence you should just leave it on our Maintenance by giving us a call.


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